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Pantomime is a form of expressive art, wherein the artist does not speak a word. Scenes, objects, locations and characters are mainly expressed through bodily and facial gestures

To perform as a „living Statue“, often found in pedestrian zones, street artists prefer to use pantomimic elements such as total reduction to only the most essential movements. For the mime, an essential aspect of this art is to work with a mask, not necessarily a literal one, because it creates a distance between the artist and the spectator.


In the year 2005, he found his determination in the silent art of mime. The main reason why he started
with the pantomime, why he decided to use the body language was an extreme emotional situation in
wich he found himself. He searched for a way out of this situation and so he came up with the idea to
make up his face. The mask should be a interpreter and serve him as a tool to connect him to the people
again. With mixed feelings and with the last butterfly in the stomach, he painted a mask and went into
the street. The experiences he made were unique. The mask served as a free ticket into the cinema of
society. The people understood the language he spoke and built up the contacts again. So the character
Azrael was created, to build nonverbal dialogues with real and imaginary people from all over the World.