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The term “pole dance” refers to a movement which is a type of dance as well as a sport. It is traditionally found in circus acts and is executed with one or more permanently mounted or free-rotating rods. Of particular interest to viewers are the different figures practiced on the pole that don’t seem to be “typical” moves, and indeed are not. A balance of pure physical strength, supported by gravity, produces enough contact pressure not to slip to the ground at all or only in a very controlled way. Some choreography uses head-over-positions, while others bring the human body into seemingly violent rotation around the pole. Sometimes loops are used, depending on the version and interpretation, allowing the athlete to stand sideways on the pole. Special variants of this art involve more than one person or non-suspended rods, giving greater artistic freedom

Anna Stadler, the renowned Austrian pole-dancer
Anna gives an elegant and sporty demonstration of how this sport combines maximum body tension with grace.
This is not cheap eroticism. Instead this is all about body control, strength and the seeming defiance of gravity. The stunning performance lasts between 3 to 5 minutes and can take place up to 3 times in one evening.