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Mentalist, Magician, Illusionist

Magic differentiates the mentalist from the magician and the illusionist.

The mentalist observes people very carefully, occupying themselves with mathematics, telepathy and illusion. Above all, they seemingly recognize and know more than their audience. They remember many details, observe connections and react very quickly to permanently changing partners on the stage. This amazes, captivates and creates curiosity.

The illusionist diverts the audience through gestures and creates illusions of awareness.

Magic is a profession, by which travelling jesters have made their living and thrilled people for centuries. They served as entertainment to the people. Magicians’ performances today aren’t much different. They are surrounded by magic because they are able to make things appear or disappear, without the viewers’ eyes noticing. The spectator isn’t able to comprehend what happened only a moment previous. This illusion, this “magic” of the unexplainable, has retained its fascination for viewers throughout the centuries, and will likely never cease to amaze people. It transports people away from their everyday life into a different world. By that, viewers are able to see the world through the eyes of children again.