In the history of humanity there was always been the painting of the body with colored materials. For the Indians, and among the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea, the body painting was put on special festive occasions such as initiation celebrations, funerary feast, hunts or healing ceremonies. The painting was firstly considered aesthetically pleasing and signaled on the other hand the social position of a tribal member.

The possible meanings of these signs were, or still are:

     Jewelry of the body
     Protection against external influences, demons and magic
     Protecting the body from insects
     medical hygienic purposes
     war Paint
In or modern world the circus artists had deveoped a special form of body paint: the clown .In the 1960s we had a revival of body painting:
Body Art: The body is a medium or Artwork
A BodyPainting is a lot of work and is often underestimated. The skin of an human body has medically a surface aerea of 2 m2.
A full body BodyPaint takes approximately 4 hours, depending on the subject, a torso BodyPaint are about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to quote!

Will not you even stand model, a model is still needed.