Acrobatic traditions have left their mark throughout the world. The essence of acrobatics is the absolute mastery of the human body. Humankind has always been fascinated by the courage of the performers, the perceived ability to defy gravity and the seemingly effortless movement in what the viewer sees as weightless space. At MusicArtsVienna, you can book our acrobats on stilts and ground or air acrobats.

Acrobatic arts have recently become even more extensive in range, thanks to improved training methods and modern, ultra-technical materials that have increased the security of the acrobats. Whereas 100 years ago performances consisted mainly of jugglers, tightrope walkers, strength acrobats, today there are many different acrobatic performances to choose from, which can be booked regardless of the event location:
Aerial acrobatics: trapeze, vertical rope, aerial silk, aerial straps, rings, high bar, wire and rod acrobatics, rope acrobatics / high wire.
Floor acrobatics: strength acrobatics such as handstand acrobatics, slow-motion acrobatic, or contortionists.