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“Schrammelmusik” is a typical Viennese music genre of the late 19th century. It is considered to be the traditional music of Vienna and was named after Johann and Josef Schrammel, both Viennese musicians, violinists and composers. In 1878 they founded a small ensemble in Vienna together with guitarist Anton Strohmayer, playing folk repertoire in wine taverns and restaurants including songs and marches, dances and waltzes. This tradition lives on today.

DUO Rudi Koschelu and Fredi Gradinger
For contra guitarist and singer Rudi Koschelu it was clear very early on that his profession would be music. In 1974, his father Rudolf Koschelu senior took him to the wine tavern "Völkl" in Wattgasse in Vienna’s 16th district, where the duo Hodina/Reiser was performing. Koschelu jr. was greatly impressed by the unusual song repertoire of Karl Hodina as well as his jazz-inspired style of play, never having heard Viennese music interpreted in this way.

Peter Havlicek as DUO or TRIO
Peter Havlicek is by far Austria’s best contra guitarist at the moment (even according to Eduard Strauss and Herbert Prikopa) and specializes in “Schrammeln” - even his students are among the best!
He plays duets with accordion or vocals and should it be rather quiet, then a violin is added to make a trio.

Viennese Ladies Schrammeln
The love of Viennese music led to the founding of the quartet "Wiener Frauen Schrammeln" in 1998, in an effort to preserve the cultural heritage and to continue the Viennese music tradition. The ladies certainly differ from "men’s" Schrammel music and other quartets of this genre, by the fact that four women re-interpret this Viennese music from around 1880 as described by Johann Schrammel, "as original Schrammeln concerts".
The Ladies do not perform "ordinary Heurigen (wine tavern) music", but try to re-enlighten the music’s warmth and sensitivity.
Their repertoire includes "Classical Viennese folk music" in traditional and modern arrangements on the one hand. On the other hand, they walk new roads with contemporary composers (e.g. Johannes Holik, Marianne Gansch, Kurt Obermair) in this formation (2 violins, accordion/vocals, contra-guitar), with the influence of intercultural flair(Tango, Samba).
Maintaining an old Viennese tradition –of being and remaining a musician, is Malat Schrammeln’s founding idea, to which Malat Schrammeln have remained faithful to this day.
Malat Schrammeln combine traditional Viennese folk music by Strauss, Lanner and of course Schrammel, with modern Austrian composers in the old Viennese style.
New Viennese Schrammeln Concerts
The “Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln” play Schrammelmusic in its original form, but with the vibe of our time. Countless old Viennese dances and marches are the inspiration and source of strength for new inspirations.
Thanks to their distinctive style, the ensemble is now known far outside of Vienna. Looking to create a new Viennese sound, they are constantly expanding their repertoire with new and original compositions.
Today, the Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln perform old as well as many new and self-written compositions and refine their sound constantly. It is the sound of Vienna, originating in Viennese wine tavernsand appreciated by the most famous musicians, performed today in the concert halls of the world. The unique interpretations of the Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln manage to revive all aspects of Schrammelmusik and give the Wienerlied an unconventional, yet ever-present role in chamber music.
Neue Wiener Concert Schrammelntour through around 25 countries, but they always return to the Viennese “Heurigen” (the traditional wine taverns).