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OldSchoolBasterds, finest 50s music

The OldSchoolBasterds bring 50s music superbly back to life.

These five excellent musicians got together for a Rock’n’Roll wedding party and discovered their passion for the diverse musical styles of the 1950s. In short order, a unique project was transformed into a band in October, 2010. Highest musical quality is the trademark of the OldSchoolBasterds, who know how to spice up their performances with witty musical comedy. Their two CDs “No1”, including 16 of the band’s favourite and most authentic songs, and “Holy Sh*t”, the 50s style Christmas CD, sell like hot cakes at their concerts. Let the OldSchoolBasterds immerse you in the 50s with the Rock’n’Roll music of Chuck Berry, the swinging piano of Fats Domino, the pomade of Elvis Presley, the energy of Little Richard and the charm of Harry Belafonte.