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Safer Six- Acappella Popmusic

Safer Six – this means: Six men on stage supported only by the microphone!

This six-man a capella formation has been thrilling audiences throughout Austria since 1998. With a repertoire that spans the best popular music of the past 30 years and more, Safer Six is known for danceable rhythms, beautifully arranged ballads, stunning harmonies and an infectious good mood. Their high-energy shows bring together a unique mix of musical finesse, Viennese charm, and a wicked sense of humor that appeals to people of all ages.

Six singers who give the best a man can get at every concert - their voice!
Six vocal artists that groove like a rock band in one moment and sing soft ballads in the next!
Six distinctive voices united in one appealing ensemble harmony capture the audience with their vocal souvereignity, charme and energy in no time!