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Multimedia, Phyro-Laser-Shows

We offer new and spectacular forms of dance performances!

Firedance shows
Our Firedance shows are available in different musical directions and costumes, suitable for any event. You can choose from a mystical fire dance, dynamic electro sound or a show with a classical edge! These exclusive choreographies combine dance and acrobatics with many spectacular elements of fire juggling (Pois, Sticks, Fans, Ropes, Tires, etc.).
Blacklight dance show
Elements from juggling and gymnastics are artfully combined to create a charming choreography. Dance and acrobatics are the foundation of this spectacular performance. The show music ranges from soft-playful to a dynamic-rhythmical sound that will wow any audience!
The snow-white costumes make CRYSTAL Fire the perfect highlight for Fête Blanche or summer parties. CRYSTAL Fire is equally appropriate for charming events like Christmas parties or weddings.
If you really want to create a WOW effect, you will require excellent technicians and a giant screen behind the stage for the multimedia show. You also require several permits from the county/city, and diverse authorizations for the pyrotechnical show as well as absolute darkness for the laser show. You need a level and fireproof stage area with at least 6 square metres of free space. The height should be 4 meters for fire shows and 3 meters for UV shows. Smaller stage areas are only allowed after our consultation meeting and signing an agreement. We take no responsibility for any equipment on the stage (e.g. instruments, sound equipment, decorations, etc.).
Lighting: For UV-shows, it should be possible to darken the room entirely; otherwise the UV effect will lose its impact. Dark floors and dark background are also advantageous. For Fire-shows, blue, red, orange or violet light is best; as an alternative, the room should have little light and be made as dark as possible. It is important to avoid bright lights like white, yellow or green. Technical requirements: CD-playing equipment for our music, and 220 Volt electricity connections at the corner of the front of the stage, for the UV lights.
Blockades – Security:
The event organiser is liable for ensuring a secure distance from the audience before, during and after the show. Fire shows require at least 3 metres, and UV shows at least 2.5 metres. Additional security distance will be required depending on the local requirements and is binding following consultation and agreement with the organiser. If required, the distance between stage and audience is to be assured by your security personnel.
Fire / police requirements and permits
The organiser is responsible for the application for permits and receiving the approval from the local authorities, military, fire / police department, cityhall / mayor, etc.
Stage size, security distance and minimum height must be given. One security personnel with a N10 fire extinguisher (water extinguisher) provided by the organiser must stand close to the stage area. Fire-fighting blankets, hand fire extinguisher and wet towels shall be located behind the stage. The entire group shall be equipped with third party fire insurance. Please note: after a fire show, lamp oil residue may stick on the floor which means a slip hazard! The performance location must be cleaned, as required.