Rock´n´Roll-Acrobatics and Boogie-Woogie Show

Rock´n´Roll-Acrobatics and Boogie-Woogie Show

At the birth of Rock’n’Roll, new dances were also invented to go along with the new style. In the US, the Swing music of the 1920s developed very early into Lindy Hop, which for the first time included acrobatic elements in the couples dance. Then again around 1940, it evolved into Boogie-Woogie dancing, which was based on the noticeably faster music. With the appearance of Rock’n’Roll music in around 1955, Rock’n’Roll dancing of the protest guided youth movement was created solely from Boogie-Woogie.

Rock´n´ Roll Akrobatik und Boogie Woogie Show

Valerie und Rene Taumberger
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Petra Bachmaier und Dominik Leeb
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