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Baroque Dance

We define Baroque Dance as the dances from the époque of Ludwig XIV until the mid-18th century. The precise techniques and choreographies of the steps that the dance masters of the French court developed affected dance all over Europe. Ludwig XIV, himself a fabulous dancer, established the „Académie Royale de Danse” in 1661. Learning Ball and Stage dances was made easier thanks to very accurate and legible written documentation of the steps.

For that reason, baroque dances like „Courante, Sarabande, Minuet, Bourrée, Gigue or Passacaille“, have been passed on until today in diverse choreographies. Baroque dance is a challenge, because it seems the simplicity portrayed in the past in fact proves rather untrue! The spectator is unable to learn the dances by just watching the professionals. But we offer courses during which, with a lot of esprit and good humour, one will quite soon magically perform a few Baroque steps on the dance floor.
You do not necessarily require a partner to participate, because the dances are row dances and not as confined as other modern dance styles. We offer two- to three-hour starter courses for anyone who is curious, or for guests who want to see a different side of Austria apart from the Waltz. Alternatively, we offer impressive Baroque shows, in which the most difficult dance styles are performed in authentic dress. These performances drop spectators’ jaws, every time!