Musikmanagement Künstleragentur Wien

Alexa Ritter

Alexandra Ritter on the philosophy of her artist agency and how she selects the artists:

The MusicArtsVienna team only works with artists we personally know and which have convinced us with their talents. In the selection of individual artists, as well as of modular concepts we unite creative and technical possibilities. Our great experience has taught us to see the most essential: topic and occasion, audience and the communicative purpose, as well as spacial conditions and the available budget. We support you from the very beginning.

„I choose the best artists, who might not always be well-known, yet surprise and convince with their artistic skills and their charisma. I listen to their concerts and talk with them about their goals, who they are, what they have experienced and they strive for. The personal connection with the artists is essential for me. After that I reflect and ask myself if I can offer the artists what they expect. Additionally, I’ll have an expert judge their talents, regardless of being an opera singers, swift-cartoonist or instrumentalist.“

Alexandra Ritter
mobil: +436767049869
Email: a.ritter@musicartsvienna.at